My Mission

Growing up I always admired my peers with their designer bags. The nylon Prada’s, the speedy Louis’, the saddle Dior’s. But don’t get me wrong — I wasn’t left out in any way,  I was proudly rocking my beloved Coach purses from the 2000s (you know the ones!).

My love for handbags persisted throughout my journey into adulthood — from graduate school and marrying the love of my life to raising three incredible kids. Amidst the chaos of daily life, it became apparent that I needed more. As a working mother, investing in myself meant pursuing what truly ignited my spirit. And that’s when it hit me: handbags!

I transformed my burning passion for these timeless accessories into a meaningful business venture. With my little company, I aim to make a significant impact. I want to offer fellow handbag lovers the chance to get the piece they once adored but couldn’t purchase at the time (because, life happens). I understand the frustration of having an obstacle standing between you and something you deeply admire. That’s why Pursue was born.

From vintage treasures to modern marvels, we proudly offer a world where luxury meets sustainability. Join me in embracing the joy, style, and undeniable confidence that a carefully curated bag brings.

About Pursue

At Pursue, we sell 100% authentic, pre-loved designer handbags at accessible price points. We have a strong eye for design and a knack for what’ll make you look and feel good. Plus, we’re proud that we’re paving the way towards sustainable fashion by offering people the opportunity to reuse an item that would have otherwise been dumped into a landfill. Through vigorous sourcing and connecting with local and global partners, we are able to offer a variety of pre- loved handbag styles for our customers, including vintage bags (my personal FAV), everyday essentials, and everything in between. 

The bags we sell go through a thorough assessment to ensure their condition. Some of them are a little more well-loved than others. In any case, we hold a high benchmark of what we’re willing to sell, and we don’t get lost in the sea of designer names just for the sake of it. Instead, we consider how much longer each bag has to live and price accordingly. We also don’t alter our bags by adding inauthentic chains or painting the leather. We stay true to the DNA of the bag, and guarantee that we’ll only put forth pieces that are in usable condition. 

Pursue is about stretching the life of a designer handbag while instilling confidence in whoever’s wearing it. We hope you find a bag to connect with and join us on this journey!